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Here are answers to frequently asked questions as to what to expect from our drone aerial photography services and how the process works.

What we’ll need before attending the aerial shoot

Depending on the nature of the aerial pictures or video you’ll need, we will need some initial pieces of information from you. We’ll easily obtain this information from you once we’re speaking over the phone, but these pieces of information can be summarized as follows:

  1. the type of and/or purpose of the aerial footage to be shot
  2. dates and alternative dates you wish the aerial shooting to begin
  3. the location or locations of each aerial shoot
  4. how you would like the aerial footage to be delivered to you. i.e. as raw files or edited and packaged as a promotional video

How and when do you obtain your drone based videos and images?

If you plan on using SkyCam Canada for your video editing services, then we’ll be taking the media we’ve created back to our offices and put your videos together as per your requirements.

If you will be handing your videos over to your current marketing team or will be doing your video editing yourself, you get your videos handed over to you via email a few hours after the shoot.

Our drones are equipped with wifi technology which allows us to download videos and images directly from it’s HD camera to our laptops which means if necessary we can send you the footage on scene if needed. This process doesn’t affect the quality of the media.

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